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10 Affordable Summer Camp Options

Could Day Camp Solve Your Summer Child Care Needs?


As your children grow older, you will likely reach a point where they're "too old" for traditional child care, yet aren't ready to stay home alone all day, either. Faced with this situation, many single moms and dads choose to rely on family members, friends, and neighbors. But another viable option is enrolling your kids in an affordable summer camp, such as one of the following options:

1. Day Camp

Kids Playing Tug of War
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Day camp is a less expensive than overnight camp, but frequently includes the same types of activities. Look for an established summer camp in your area that offers a variety of program options, includes transportation, and employs qualified, motivated staff members.

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2. School Camp

Girls Building a Puzzle Together
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Programs that offered through area schools provide an affordable summer camp option for families. Activities include sports, arts and crafts, games, and more. Look for day camps based at your child's school or within your school district. Don't forget to ask around, too, to see if any of your kids' friends will also be attending.

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3. Summer Enrichment

Three Girls Using a Computer
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Summer enrichment camps gives kids the opportunity to explore new interests, reinforce existing academic skills, and have fun while participating in an affordable summer camp program. Contact your local rec center, school district, or community college to see whether they offer a summer enrichment program for kids in your area.

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4. Gymnastics Camp

Three girls at gymnastics camp.
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Gymnastics camp is another fun option for kids in the summer. One of the primary benefits is, of course, physical exercise. But gymnastics camp can also have a significant impact on your your child's overall self-confidence.

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5. Dance Camp

Kids at Dance Camp
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Dance camp gives kids an opportunity to learn new routines, develop athletic and balance skills, and make new friends. Find out whether your local dance studio offers a summer camp program.

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6. Art Camp

Kids Holing Up Artwork
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Art camp allows participants to hone their artistic abilities while also learning new techniques and building friendships. In addition, participating in a summer camp that is focused the arts can have a positive impact on your child's self-confidence and creativity.

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7. Cooking Camp

Children baking at cooking camp.
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Cooking camp is another affordable summer camp option and allows kids to explore new recipes and culinary techniques, while also learning valuable life skills they can apply at home. Contact restaurants and culinary institutes in your area to see whether they offer a summer camp option.

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8. Museum Camp

Girl holing a model butterfly
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Museum camp offers kids the opportunity to explore academic interests while also building social connections in a unique learning environment.

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9. Zoo Camp

A child looks at a bug during zoo camp.
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Zoo camp gives kids the opportunity to learn about many different animals and their natural habitats, while also building friendships in a camp setting. Look for a summer camp option at your local zoo or animal sanctuary.

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10. Humane Society Camp

Child at animal camp listens to a dog heart.
Image © Ariel Skelley / Getty Images

Do your kids love dogs, cats, and other small animals? Your local Humane society or ASPCA may offer an affordable summer camp program. Animal-based camps allow kids to learn about different breeds and how to care for various pets. Contact your local humane society or SPCA to find out whether they offer a summer camp option.

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