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How Can I Sign My Kids Up For After School Activities If I Can't Pick Them Up?


Question: How Can I Sign My Kids Up For After School Activities If I Can't Pick Them Up?

A single mom named Sandra asks:

My boys are really excited about signing up for some after school activities this year. However, since I work full-time, I'm unable to pick them up after school and transport them to and from an after school program. How can I sign my kids up for after school activities if I can't pick them up? Yet, I also don't want them to miss out. What can I do?


It's wonderful that your boys are interested in doing some after school activities. Whether the programs are sports-related, social, or educational in focus, quality after school programs can be a wonderful experience for kids. However, providing transportation to and from after school programs isn't easy for single parents who work full time. With a little creativity, though, you can come up with an after school solution that works for your family.

The following questions will help you identify an after school solution for your kids:

  1. Is There an After School Program At My Child's School? - Selecting a program that's located right at your child's school will cut your transportation needs in half. Likewise, see if there's a program at another location, such as the YMCA, that provides busing from your child's school in the afternoon.

  2. Is There Another Person Who Could Transport My Kids to and From Their After School Program? - Perhaps there is a neighbor, friend, or relative who would be willing to provide transportation to and from your kids' after school activities. In addition, find out whether any of your children's classmates or friends will be attending the same program, and ask their parents whether they could also drive your kids.

  3. Could I Change My Work Schedule Slightly? - This may seem like a difficult option, but if your children are interested in an after school program like a sports' clinic or seasonal activity that only runs for a short time, temporarily altering your schedule may be a viable alternative.

  4. Can My Children Participate in the After School Activity Part-Time? - In the event that you can only find partial coverage for your transportation needs, find out whether your children would be able to participate in the program part-time. As a last resort, this can be an effective solution to the challenge of securing after school transportation.
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