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Win Sole Custody

How a Parent Can Win Sole Custody


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Parents who are looking to win sole custody during a child custody proceeding should prepare themselves for what may be a difficult ordeal. Sole custody differs from joint custody in that a sole custody case grants legal and physical custody to one parent, instead of both parents.

Win Sole Custody

Sole custody is also referred to as full custody. In a sole custody arrangement, one parent is the custodial parent, while the other parent is generally granted generous visitation rights as determined by the court. In general, the court will agree to grant visitation rights unless such action does not serve the best interests of the child.

Factors Considered in Winning Sole Custody

Parents who want to win sole custody should consider the following factors that may be used in a child custody proceeding:

  • Best Interests of a Child - The major factor a court uses to determine who will win sole custody is the best interests of the child. A parent looking to win sole custody should be prepared with a clear reason why joint custody will not serve the child's best interests.
  • Courtroom Etiquette - Parents who want to win sole custody should exercise proper courtroom etiquette during a custody hearing. One example of courtroom etiquette is avoiding interruptions and angry outbursts.
  • Documentation - Parents who want to win sole custody should bring all documents pertaining to custody matters to court
  • Courtroom Dress - Parents who want to win sole custody should dress appropriately for court including dark suits and dress shoes.

Obstacles to Winning Sole Custody

There are certain obstacles involved with parents winning sole custody including:

  • Courts are reluctant to grant sole custody to one parent, unless there are extenuating circumstances such as domestic violence
  • If a parent wins sole custody, the child's other parent will probably still be granted generous visitation rights

For more information about how to win sole custody, speak with a qualified attorney in your state or refer to more references about strategies to help win sole custody.

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