1. Parenting

Resources to Help You File for Child Custody and Win

Every parent who files for child custody wants to win. Use these resources to effectively present your case in a child custody dispute.

How to Win Back Custody of Your Children
Losing custody is devastating. Learn what steps you need to take to get your kids back.

14 Do's and Don'ts for Winning Child Custody
Find out what you need to do -- and not do -- in order to win your case in court.

Child Custody Information
Get the child custody information you need to prepare for and win your child custody case. Here, you'll find answers to parents' most pressing questions about child custody, the law, court appearances, and more.

6 Important Principles of Child Custody and the Collaborative…
In a collaborative family law process , all parties agree to jointly reach a child custody decision that will serve the best interest of the child. Here are some principles that parents should remember when considering the collaborative law process.

4 Attitudes That Will Help You Win Custody
You may think that the only thing that matters to your child custody case is what happens in family court, in front of the judge. On the contrary, everything that you do before your court date--from how you interact with your children and your ex, to sorting though your own private hurt and anger--matter, because they affect what could...

How to Determine Custody of a Child With Special Needs
Determining custody of a child with special needs requires some additional considerations. Refer to this article to determine how single parents with a special needs child can win custody of the child.

Ways to Be Prepared For a Child Custody Evaluation
The child custody evaluation process is nerve-wracking for any parent. Make sure you are thoroughly prepared for your custody evaluation. Find out what to do before the evaluation, and how to respond to the questions asked by the evaluator.

What Factors Are Used to Determine Child Custody and Visitation
What exactly does it mean that the courts will consider "the best interests of the child" when determining custody and visitation? While the specific criteria used to determine child custody varies with each state, there are some general factors you can expect any judge to consider when determining custody.

Documentation in Child Custody Cases
Documentation in child custody cases can help a parent not only keep a record of the other parent's interactions with the children, but also substantiate his or her own involvement in their lives. Find out what to document, and how, when creating documentation in child custody cases.

How to Document Email Related to Your Custody Case
Document email from your ex when necessary, so that you can share it with your lawyer. Learn how to document email securely on your home computer.

Prove That You're the Better Parent
Your child custody hearing is coming up, and you want to win child custody instead of going through a long, drawn out battle. Find out what to expect in court and how to best prepare for your child custody hearing with these legal tips.

How Did You Win Custody in Family Court?
Of course you want to win custody in family court, but how do you do it? Readers share true stories of how they won in family court, and share tips for how others can win custody, too.

How to File for Child Custody Pro Se
Learn how to file for child custody pro se, so that you can have the option of filing for custody without having to pay outrageous attorney's fees. In addition, consider using this resource to train yourself in the legal process, so that even if you do decide to use a lawyer, you will be more aware of what is happening in court regarding your child custody case.

Best Interests of the Child
Parents often hear the phrase "a child's best interests" and wonder what it really means. Learn more about this legal term and what it means in your state.

Win Sole Custody
Parents who want to win sole custody should be prepared for presenting their case in court. Find out what you need to know, as well as what you need to do, in order to win sole custody.

Child Custody Evaluations
Child custody evaluations are required in certain cases, primarily those involving a heated child custody battle. It may be difficult for parents to decide how to choose a child custody evaluator, including which questions to ask. Let's explore helpful hints to guide parents on choosing an evaluator.

Parenting Classes for Separating or Divorcing Parents
Courts may order parents to attend parenting classes to figure out how to communicate with each other after a divorce or separation. Even if it's not mandated, there are several reasons why a parent should consider attending a parenting class, including reaching a consensus on child custody arrangements.

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