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Make Your Kids' Bedrooms Comfortable and Welcoming

Creating a Space That Feels Like Home


If you're a non-custodial parent, you probably can't wait for your kids to sleep over. Waking up together, having breakfast, even doing chores - these are some of the signs of "normalcy" that you all crave. If you don't have much space, though, you may be wondering how to can make your kids' bedrooms feel comfortable and kid-friendly, so your children will really feel at home. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Ask for Their Input Before Your Kids Sleep Over for the First Time

In your excitement for planning overnight visits, you might be tempted to set up their bedrooms on your own. However, since you really want your children to feel like the space is theirs, you'll want to ask for their input. Find out what would make them feel most at home, what they envision for their bedrooms, and whether they'd like the space to feel similar to or different from their other bedroom.

2. Determine the Sleeping Arrangements Ahead of Time

It's not always possible for the kids to have their own rooms, especially if you have just relocated to a smaller home or apartment than the one in which you lived together. However, in most cases, you'll want to pair boys and girls separately if your kids have to share bedrooms. Some states even require this beyond a certain age, so if you're unsure, you should check with your state's family law statutes.

3. Create a Theme

Regardless of the size of the space you're working with, there are many ways to make your children's bedrooms feel warm and inviting. You might choose to decorate the room around their favorite color or around their favorite activity, hobby, or character. In addition, keep in mind that you really don't have to spend a lot of money to transform the space into one that will feel like their very own. For example, if your daughter loves princesses, look for removable wall decals of her favorite Disney characters. Then select a plain comforter that matches the color of the decals.

4. Personalize the Space

Look for simple ways to personalize the space for your kids' bedrooms. This can be as simple as purchasing wooden letters of their initials at a local craft store and painting them to match the theme you've chosen. Another idea is to hang a magnetic or cork strip on which your children can hang their own artwork. This will help them to associate the space with being their own.

5. Don't Forget Storage

Most likely, your kids are going to want to store items at your house. Be prepared for this by having a storage system in place. If they will have their own closets, make sure they're stocked with hangers and encourage them to leave some clothing there. In addition, you may want to purchase a few inexpensive, plastic storage containers for their toys and belongings. For most kids, it's comforting to know that when they arrive at your home, some of their own "stuff" is waiting for them.

6. Share Your Ideas With Us

If you're particularly pleased with the space you've been able to create for your kids, share it with us by submitting your photo to About Single Parents. We'd love to display your ideas in a photo gallery of decorating ideas for kids' bedrooms.
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