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Reasons to See Your Kids


25 Reasons to Follow Through on Your Next Visit
Father playing chess with son and daughter (6-8), side view
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  1. They love you.

  2. You love them.

  3. It will be fun.

  4. You'll make their day.

  5. You'll get to see them smile.

  6. And make them laugh.

  7. You'll find out how tall they've grown.

  8. You'll get to find out whether they're still crazy about Thomas the Tank Engine or Ariel.

  9. You can find out what they're doing in school.

  10. Learn who is your child's best friend.

  11. Find out whether they still love grilled cheese sandwiches.

  12. Play a board game.

  13. Let them win!

  14. She'd love for you to see her wearing her favorite outfit.

  15. He'd love to play catch with you.

  16. You can play tag and let them catch you.

  17. You can ask her what she wants for her birthday.

  18. He can ask you those questions he wouldn't dare ask anyone else.

  19. You'll sleep better at night knowing you kept your promise.

  20. They'll sleep better because they got to see them gleam in your eye for themselves.

  21. Hugs (need I say more?)

  22. Because each time you do, it will get easier.

  23. Because it's a reflection of the person you are.

  24. Because of the person you want him or her to become.

  25. Finally, because it's your actions from here on out that really matter (as opposed to whatever took place in the past).

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