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Visitation Resources for Single Parent Families

Visitation is an important part of your child's regular routine. Find out how frequently visits should take place, what kinds of things to do during your visits, and more.

How to File for Visitation as an Unmarried Father
As an unmarried father, you can still exercise your right to regular visitation. Find out how to file for visitation with the courts and how to handle some the hurdles you may face.

Unmarried Mothers and Visitation Rights
Unmarried mothers often wrestle with whether they should offer visitation rights to the father. In most circumstances, visitation is positive for the children and the parents. However, there are some circumstances where an unmarried mother should refrain from offering visitation rights. Learn what to do in your specific situation.

Visitation Rights
Parents who are not granted child custody are generally entitled to generous visitation rights. Refer to this article for a definition of visitation rights and for an understanding of different types of visitation rights.

Child Visitation - Angry Child and Visitation Refusal
Child visitation is supposed to be a time that both the parent and child look forward to, but many children are reluctant and may even refuse to participate in visitation. Find out how to handle this situation with these real-life child visitation stories.

Visitation Rights and Visitation Refusal
Visitation rights are important to children and adults, alike. However, in certain situations, either party may wish to refuse visitation. Refer to this article for an understanding of when it is appropriate to refuse visitation in a child custody matter.

How to Make Visitation Transfer Easier
Visitation transfer does not always go smoothly. That's why you need to be prepared ahead of time for visitation drop offs and pick ups, including communicating with the other parent in advance about who will be responsible for transportation to and from the visit. In addition, consider using a neutral drop off location to make visitation...

Virtual Visitation Options
Virtual visitation is an option for parents who do not live close enough to their children to enjoy regular, in-person visits. Refer to this article to determine what kinds of alternative visitation arrangements exist for non-custodial parents.

Visitation - Challenges to Making a Visitation Schedule Work
Visitation schedules work best when they're planned out in advance, and each person involved knows what to expect, and when. However, consistent visitation routines aren't always easy to set up and maintain. Share the challenges you've faced in trying to establish a regular visitation schedule, and how you've managed to resolve those issues in...

Virtual Visitation Questions
When a parent lives in a different location or state, it may be difficult to exercise child custody rights and parent-child visitation. Learn how to exercise custody rights using virtual visitation.

Think Twice Before You Refuse Visitation
Visitation rights are frequently awarded to non-custodial parents. However, some parents may wish to refuse visitation for a variety of reasons. Find out how the courts view visitation refusal and what you need to know before you take this step.

Trivial Reasons to Refuse Visitation
Visitation is often a source of conflict between coparents. There are times when it's legitimate to refuse visitation. However, parents must be careful not to refuse visitation for insignificant or trivial reasons.

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