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New Mexico's 2014 Tax Free Weekend

Save Money During New Mexico's Sales Tax Holiday


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New Mexico's 2014 tax free shopping dates have not been released yet. However, based on last year's dates (shown below), it is likely that New Mexico's tax free holiday will occur between August 1-3, 2014. This page will be updated once those dates are officially confirmed on New Mexico's web site.

New Mexico is offering one tax free weekend event during 2013. It applies mainly to clothing, school supplies, and computers. Plan ahead and do your family's back-to-school shopping during the sales tax holiday to save a few extra dollars - or even more if you're purchasing costly computer equipment.

New Mexico's Tax Free Weekend Event:

New Mexico's tax free weekend is scheduled for August 2-4, 2013 and applies to the following items:

  • All clothing and shoes under $100
  • School supplies under $15
  • Computers under $1,000
  • Computer equipment under $500

Smart Shopping Strategies for New Mexico's Tax Free Weekend:

Using common sense will help you save even more more during tax free weekend. Take the time to shop around and compare prices, either on line or in person, and use coupons whenever you can.

In addition, don't buy anything you really don't need just because of the sales tax holiday. After all, the sales tax rate in New Mexico is 5.125%, so that amount - plus any local sales tax, if applicable - is what you'd save by shopping during the tax free weekend. As you can imagine, you might be able to save even more by shopping at sales during the week before or hte week after New Mexico's tax free weekend.

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