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Tax Free Weekend in Arkansas: 2014 Dates

Arkansas' Annual Sales Tax Holiday


Learn how to save money while shopping for clothes.

Plan a shopping trip during Arkansas' tax free weekend.

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Arkansas' second tax free weekend is scheduled for August 2-3, 2014. The timing of the event is ideal for parents who need to pick up school supplies, art supplies, clothing, shoes, and other back-to-school shopping items.

Arkansas' Tax Free Weekend Applies to:

  • Clothing and footwear (priced at less than $100 per item)
  • Accessories (priced at less than $50 per item)
  • School supplies

Smart Shopping Strategies for Arkansas' Tax Free Weekend:

Being a sensible shopper is the best way to save even more more during tax free weekend. For example, comparing prices at several different stores, which you can do online, and plan on using coupons when you can.

In addition, don't buy anything you don't really need. Since the regular sales tax rate in Arkansas 6.5%, that's the amount of money you'll save by shopping during the sales tax holiday. You might find that you can actually save more money by shopping at competitive sales either before or after the tax-free event, along with using coupons or taking advantage of special promotions.

Keep in mind, too, that some items will still be taxed during Arkansas' sales tax holiday. For example, many sporting goods are not tax exempt in Arkansas, such as ballet shoes, shoulder pads, and cleats. Therefore, make sure that you read Arkansas' list of tax-exempt and taxable items before heading out to the mall.

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