1. Parenting

Single Parents' Swine Flu Resources

As a single parent, the hype surrounding the swine flu can be especially frightening, particularly if you don't have family members nearby to help with your kids, or if you are at-risk for complications. Use these resources to help prevent the swine flu and, if necessary, treat the swine flu symptoms effectively.

"What Supplies Do I Need to Keep in the House?"
When you have a sick child on your hands, you'll do just about anything to help her feel better. Here is a list of supplies and gear to keep on hand so that the next time your child is sick, you'll have everything you need.

"Help! How Do I Run Out to Get My Child's Medicine?"
When you have a sick child, the last thing you want to do is bring her along to the store. Yet, you can't necessarily leave her home alone, either. These solutions will enable you to get the supplies you need without bringing your sick child on an errand run.

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