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As a single parent, it is never easy to maintain your own personal life while raising your kids. However, it is absolutely critical that you make the effort to take care of yourself and develop a life outside of your children. Rather than viewing this as "selfish," try to look at taking care of yourself as part of being a good parent.
  1. Taking Care of Yourself
  2. Support & Encouragement
  3. Dating as a Single Parent
  1. Manage Your Finances
  2. Going Back to School
  3. Your Career

Taking Care of Yourself

As a single parent, much of your energy is focused on taking care of your children. However, taking the time to take care of yourself, too, will give you greater energy for being the mom or dad you really want to be.

Support & Encouragement

The truth is that while you're raising your children on your own, you don't have to feel all alone. In fact, studies have shown that single parents who receive ongoing support and encouragement feel more successful in raising their children, so take advantage of the online and local resources available to you.

Dating as a Single Parent

A big part of your personal life can be, if you so choose, a dating or romantic life. Whether you're just beginning to date again, or you're now in a relationship and have questions about how to make it work, these resources are designed to help you create a smooth transition to dating.

Manage Your Finances

As a single parent, it's up to you to manage your family's money well and learn to stretch every dollar. Here are some tips:

Going Back to School

These days, most people end up changing jobs and even whole careers several times. At some point, you may decide to go back to school to earn a degree in a field that interests you or so that you can pursue opportunities which would provide greater financial security for your family. If this is something you want to pursue, know that there are scholarships and programs available to assist you.

Your Career

As the sole provider for your children, you bear tremendous responsibilities. At times, you may find that you need to look for additional sources of income in order to meet your family's needs, or even pursue a career change that will allow for greater income and potential benefits.

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