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5 Books for Divorced Dads

Help for Divorced Dads Navigating the Legal System


Dads, whether you've just found out that your spouse wants a divorce, or the legal process is well under way and you're beginning to wonder if you can trust your lawyer to represent you well, these five books are for you. Each one has been written, specifically for divorced dads, by well-known and respected authors in the father's rights and legal communities.

1. Always Dad: Being a Great Father During & After Divorce

By Paul Mandelstein

Written by the founder of the Father Resource Network, this book is filled with practical advice for divorced dads who want to preserve their relationship with their children and stay involved. There are sections on taking care of yourself, setting up your new home, communicating with your ex, getting legal help, managing stress, and more.
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2. The Divorced Dad's Survival Book

By Robert Bly

This practical book provides valuable instruction for dads who are both going through and have gone through the divorce-custody process. Filled with practical instruction on how to relate with your children and your ex during this difficult time of transition, Knox's book is a must-read for divorced dads. Bly also addresses specific concerns related to dating, introducing a new partner, and remarrying. Includes a chapter for gay fathers, as well.
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3. The Father's Emergency Guide to Divorce-Custody Battle

By Robert Seidenberg and William Dawes

This is an eye-opening self-help book that will guide you through all steps of the divorce-custody process. While the tone may be alarming for many divorced dads, the factual information shared makes it well worth your read. Robert Seindenberg is one of the original co-founders of the father's right organization Fathers for Virginia . His coauthor, William Dawes, is an attorney and contributes valuable legal expertise to the book. Especially for dads who are in the early stages of the divorce-custody process, this is an important book to read.
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4. Fathers' Rights

By Jeffery Leving and Kenneth Dachman

This is another great choice for dads in the early stages of the divorce-custody process. However, it also includes tips for restoring your relationship with your kids after the divorce is finalized. Includes resources for dads about how to find a lawyer, what to expect before, during, and after litigation, the pros and cons of mediation, and a sample shared parenting agreement. Father's Rights is a valuable survival-guide and legal primer for any dad in the midst of a child custody dispute.
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5. Divorced Dads

By Sanford Braver and Dianne O'Connel

Tired of the negative rhetoric aimed at dads? This book is the result of a long-term study of divorced dads, conducted by co-author and psychologist, Sanford Braver. While the book was first published in 1998, the myths outlined by Braver and O'Connel still, unfortunately, exist today. That's why this book, written in defense of divorced dads, is still worth your read. Some of the myths addressed in the book include: the idea that men initiate divorce, that divorced dads choose not to pay child support, and that they benefit financially in the aftermath of divorce.
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