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Top Single Parenting Challenges

What Are the Biggest Single Parenting Challenges You Face?


Single parenting is never easy, whether you're co-parenting with your ex, or going it completely on your own. But what are the biggest challenges you face as a single mom or dad? Share them with our readers through the following "Readers Respond" features:

Custodial Single Moms:

From issues with moms raising sons, to single parent dating, to establishing your authority as a parent, what are the biggest issues you face, personally, as a custodial single mom?

Custodial Single Dads:

From issues with dads raising daughters, to single parent dating, to the ins and outs of running a household, what are the biggest issues you face, personally, as a custodial single dad?

Non-Custodial Parents:

From trying to establish a regular visitation schedule, to being taken seriously by your ex and your child's extended family, what are the biggest challenges that you face, personally, as a non-custodial single parent?

Parents Sharing Joint Custody:

Joint physical custody can help both parents to remain equally involved in their kids' lives, but it can also be extremely hard on the kids. Let us know what challenges you face in trying to make joint physical custody work, and how you've learned to cope with those issues.

Regarding Visitation:

Whether you're considered the primary parent or the secondary parent, establishing a regular visitation schedule is challenging. Let our readers know what has worked well for you, and how you've address the challenge of maintaining a regular visitation schedule as your kids have gotten older.

Parents Sharing Legal Custody:

Parents who share joint legal custody often have a difficult time either collaborating on major decisions, or learning to allow the other parent to make decisions without intervening. Let us know how you've dealt with these issues, along with any tips you can share with our readers.

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