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Book Review of We're Having a Tuesday

A Children's Book on Shared Parenting by DK Simoneau

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Book Review of We're Having a Tuesday

We're Having A Tuesday is a realistic portrayal of shared parenting from the child's point of view.

Author and speaker, DK Simoneau, has written an wonderful children's book that every child who goes back and forth between mom's house and dad's house should read. This is one of those books that your child will pick up again and again as he or she learns to cope with the reality of living in two separate homes.

Feelings You and Your Child Can Identify With

The book begins with a little girl who is very frustrated with the process of transitioning back and forth between her parents' homes. As one of the transition days happens to be Tuesday each week, her mom responds to slamming doors, ripped up papers, and an argumentative attitude by asking - exasperated - "Are we having a Tuesday?"

Strategies You Can Use

As the book progresses, the little girls learns to cope with her feelings. One thing that parents can take away from this is the need to give kids space as they're dealing with their emotions. On Tuesdays, the little girl in the book spends some time by herself in her room. At first, she's missing all the things she enjoyed at her dad's house, like her roller skates, and the pair of sneakers she left there by mistake. She also realizes, in despair, that she left her favorite teddy bear "on my other bed!"

In time, the little girl realizes that it's her dad she misses even more than all of the "stuff" that she's complaining about. "I wish I could fit Daddy into my backpack, too!"

Meanwhile, her mom is making her favorite meal - breakfast for dinner - and she begins to realize that she really loves being at both houses. When she's at daddy's she misses living room picnics, homemade waffles, and silly songs.

By the end of the book, the little girl realizes that no matter where she is, her mom and dad are always with her - because they're in her heart.

Tools to Help Your Child Cope

One of the things that I love about this book is that there are three pages in the back for your kids to write down their own personal thoughts. They get to record what they miss about each parent, how they can remember them, and also what each parent remembers about them while they're at the other parent's house. This activity is so empowering for kids, and even more so when the book is a gift from mom and dad. Sharing We're Having a Tuesday together is is a beautiful way to acknowledge that these conflicting feelings do exist, and neither of you love your children any less for it.

A Realistic Portrayal of Shared Parenting From the Child's Point of View

Going back and forth isn't easy, but the main character in We're Having a Tuesday begins to cope with her feelings as she learns to process her own hurt and frustration. This thoughtful book can be a tool helping your children to reach that same goal. I highly recommend We're Having a Tuesday for the home library of every child who transitions back and forth between mom's house and dad's house.
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We're Having a Tuesday, Member FACESINC

As a therapist who has been working with single parents and children since 1982, I highly recommend We're Having a Tuesday for parents and children struggling with custody. As a self help writer, I also know that families are looking for answers. Glad this website is available.

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