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Healthy Boundaries for Single Parents

Learn How to Create and Maintain Healthly Boundaries


As kids, we learn that boundaries are the lines on the playing field that separate where the players play from where the viewers watch. But as adults, the boundary lines in our own personal lives aren't as clear. In fact, setting healthy boundaries can be particularly difficult for single parents, because you often have to rely on others to help you - from your ex, to your kids, to your parents. In order to protect your privacy and maintain a positive sense of self, you'll need to cultivate boundaries in the the following areas:

Boundaries With Your Ex

All of our relationships need healthy boundaries, and your relationship with your ex is no different. Whether you were married for 25 years or just dating for a few months, you need to establish a new way of relating where each of you understands the rules and can learn to get along for your kids' sake.

Boundaries With Your Kids

From enforcing a set of basic house rules to teaching your kids that they can count on you to be consistent, maintaining clear boundaries with your kids is vital to your survival as a single parent.

Boundaries With Your Family

Another area where we all need boundaries is with our own parents and extended family members. Especially if you count on your family to help you raise your kids, it can be difficult to set and maintain boundary lines. In reality, though, creating healthy boundaries in these relationships is the key to making them work for all of you for the long haul.

Boundaries in Dating

When you being dating, it's important to set boundary lines with your partner and with your kids. In order to do this, though, you're going to have to talk openly about your relationship and what you each expect.

Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries in all four of these areas will help you parent well, learn to collaborate with your ex, and maintain your integrity at the same time.

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