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Massachusetts Child Support

How to Obtain Child Support in Massachusetts


Are you considering filing for child support in Massachusetts? The following "Frequently Asked Questions" will help you learn more about the process as you prepare to request Massachusetts child support:

How Do I Locate My Local Massachusetts Child Support Agency?

Massachusetts child support resources can be found both online and at your local child support enforcement agency.

How Can I File for Massachusetts Child Support?

In Massachusetts, you can apply for child support right from the Department of Child Support Services web site. The following steps will help you establish a child support order in Massachusetts:
  1. Become familiar with Massachusetts’ child support guidelines.

  2. Optional: Use the Massachusetts Child Support Calculator to estimate the amount of child support you will receive.

  3. Apply for Massachusetts child support online.

  4. Alternatively, you can print an application and mail it to: DOR/CSE, P.O. Box 7057, Boston, MA 02204-7057

  5. Once your child support order has been established, sign up online to receive payments via direct deposit or electronic pay cards.

Where Can I Access Additional Massachusetts Child Support Resources?

There are several federal and state resources which may be helpful to you, including:
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