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What Documents Should I Bring When I File for Child Support?


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Question: What Documents Should I Bring When I File for Child Support?
I want to make sure that I have all of the required documents when I file for child support. What should I bring with me to my local Office of Child Support Enforcement?
Answer: Whether you are going to your local Office of Child Support Enforcement to file for child support services for the first time, request a change, or update your information, as the petitioner, you'll want to bring the following documents with you:
  • A Valid Photo ID, such as your Driver's License

  • Proof of Your Address, such as rent receipt, mortgage statement, or utility bill

  • Birth Certificate(s) for the child/ren for whom you are seeking child support

  • Recent Contact Information, or any information you have regarding the current location of the absent parent
If possible, also bring the following*:
  • Proof of Paternity

  • Social Security Cards for yourself and each of your children

  • Wage Information, including:

    • Recent pay stubs, and

    • W-2 forms

  • Payment History and/or arrears statement

  • Existing Support Orders, including:

    • Uniform Support Petition

    • Notice of Determination of Controlling Order

  • Divorce Decree

  • Description of Real/Personal Property

*Bring these items only if they are available and/or pertain to your child support petition.
Tip: In addition to bringing these necessary documents with you when you file for child support, make sure that you pack snacks and activities, such as coloring books, along as well, in case you have a lengthy wait.

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