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How to Cope With the Stress of Single Parenting

Learn to Relax Your Mind & Body With These Doable Strategies


There's no magic formula for escaping the high levels of stress you face every day as a single parent. That's why you need to learn how to relax your mind and cope with ongoing stress by taking care of yourself so that you can be your best for your kids. Not sure where to begin? Try one of these tried-and-true relaxation techniques. And remember, it won't feel natural right away. In fact, it might not feel natural to you for quite some time. But learning to de-stress is a gift you deserve to give to yourself, and it's one you'll never regret.

1. Learn to Breathe Deeply

Learn how to relax, whether you're taking a quick break during a busy workday, or you're teaching yourself to unwind after the kids are in bed. Learn how with these quick and easy techniques explained in this 2-minute video presentation from About.com's Guide to Alternative Medicine.

2. Practice Yoga

What's great about Yoga is that it relaxes both your mind and your body. If you've never tried it, you might be surprised to find that it's actually an amazing workout, and it's a great way to heal the effects of stress and tension have on your entire body. Find out how to get started with About.com's Guide to Yoga.

3. Meditate

The benefits of regular meditation include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Give yourself 20 minutes a day to practice these breathing techniques from About.com's Guide to Anxiety and Panic Disorders.

4. Use Guided Imagery

Is there someplace else you'd rather be right now? Transport yourself to another place and time with this simple relaxation technique from About.com's Guide to Stress Management.

5. Clear the Clutter

One effective way to reduce stress is to reduce the clutter around you so that you're surrounded by clarity instead of chaos. Learn how with the 7 steps outlined in this 2-minute video presentation from Anne Marie Barton.

6. Get Organized

Do you feel like you're always missing appointments and forgetting important events? Learn to reduce stress by keeping track of everything using this easy and efficient calendar system.

7. Listen to Music that Relaxes You

Another way to reduce stress is to surround yourself with sounds that soothe your heart and soul. Get a list of the best stress-reducing CDs from About.com's Guide to Stress Management.

8. Practice Using Positive Self-Talk

Eliminate the negative thoughts that course through your mind, and replace them with positive, encouraging words to lift your spirits and help you continue to press on. Alter your thoughts with these tips from About.com's Guide to Stress Management.

9. Guided Meditation: Breakthrough

A guided meditation can erase your mind of the stress that presses upon you and leave you feeling refreshed and capable. Consider recording this guided mediation from About.com's Guide to Healing onto a tape recorder so you can listen to it with your eyes closed.

10. Create a Mini-Spa Experience at Home

Do you need some pampering? Learn to relax right at home with this step-by-step system for creating a mini-spa from About.com's Guide to Spas.

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