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Journals for Single Parents

Write About Your Experiences as a Single Parent


Raising kids on your own takes every ounce of energy you possess, and moments to sit and reflect on your progress are few and far between. Consider setting aside just ten minutes a day for journaling, and making it part of your self-care routine.

Keeping a daily journal won't just help you keep track of what's going on in your life. It'll also help you work through difficult emotions –– like anger –– and gain a sense of clarity about the tough decisions you have to make every day.

Here, you'll find explanations of several different types of journals. Click through to pages 2-5 to to compare prices on journals you can buy online, or sign up to receive four weeks of Guided Journal questions for single parents for free, via email.

  1. A Gratitude Journal

    This is a simple journal that is fairly easy to keep up with. The idea is to write down five things each day that you are thankful for. As best you can, try not to repeat the previous day's gratitude! This exercise will help you identify little things that you appreciate in your life. Before long, you'll realize that there are many things about yourself, your kids, and your life that you value.

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  2. A Parenting Journal

    This is a journal where you can record your observations about parenthood and identify the personal strengths you see in yourself and each of your children. You'll find that as you pay attention to all the good that bring to your family, you'll realize more of your own personal strengths and gain a more clear sense of your immense value as a parent.

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  3. A Hopes and Dreams Journal

    This is where you can record your most personal hopes and dreams. There's something sacred about what you really want for your life and your children. However, most of us don't go around sharing those most personal inner thoughts with others. This journal is an opportunity to write down those aspirations in a safe place and make note of what you observe as those dreams unfold in your life.

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  4. A Guided Journal

    This is when someone else gives you topics to write about each day. Questions are geared to help you identify personal strengths, name positive qualities, and find sources of hope and vitality in your life. Examples of just a few guided journal topics include healing after a divorce, recovering from trauma, and building self-esteem.

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