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Book Review of How Much is Enough?

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The stretegies in How Much is Enough? will prevent you from raisiing a spoiled child.

Avoid raising a spoiled child with the tips and strategies outlined in the book How Much is Enough?

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The Bottom Line

Are you worried about raising a spoiled child? You're not alone, and this book is an excellent resource for any parent who has difficulty knowing when to say "no." As the authors explain, overindulgence is not just about buying too much stuff for our kids. We can inadvertently overindulge our children with over-nurturing and too little structure, as well. This resource teaches readers how to use The Test of Four to identify overindulgence and put an end to its negative effects on our kids.

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  • This is a likeable, readable book with an easy-to-read format and lots of real-life stories.
  • Includes a quiz parents can take to identify forms of overindulgence.
  • Covers three different forms of overindulgence: material, emotional, and structural.
  • Includes a list of four questions you can begin asking right away to identify overindulgence.
  • Provides helpful, practical tips to help parents make small, immediate changes.


  • The book includes many quotes from adults who were overindulged as children.
  • These quotes may or may not be relevant to your personal situation.


  • Written by Jeane Illsley Clarke, Ph.D., Connie Dawson, Ph.D., and David Bredehoft, Ph.D.
  • Covers overindulgence in many areas, from the media to making tough choices about holiday shopping.
  • Includes an Overindulgence Assessment Tool for parents.
  • Includes detailed information on your children's "Ages and Stages" of development.
  • Includes a Household Jobs Participation Chart.
  • Gives parents practical ways to avoid raising a spoiled child.

Guide Review - Book Review of How Much is Enough?

When you're raising a child on your own, it's really hard not to make him or her the center of your universe. This book helps well-intentioned parents, who truly mean well and love their children immensely, to recognize some of the potential pitfalls for our kids when we overindulge them with material possessions, too much nurturing, or too little structure. I strongly recommend this book for any parent who worries about raising a spoiled child or has difficulty saying no.

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