1. Parenting

Serious Dating Relationship Advice

You've longed for a serious dating relationship, and now that the opportunity has presented itself, it's tough to maintain. Use these resources to nurture your relationship, make time for one another, and navigate the challenges of dating with kids.

Quiz: "Should We Take This Relationship to the Next Level?"
Somewhere between the excitement of those first few dates, and when you first start to seriously consider building a future together, it's natural to worry about the impact your dating relationship is bound to have on your kids. Use this interactive dating quiz to help you decide.

When and How Did You Introduce Your Kids?
Single parent dating can be difficult for kids to accept. Find out how other dating single moms and dads have handled the job of introducing their kids to a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Introducing Your Children to Someone You Are Seriously Dating
If you're a single parent in a serious dating relationship, you may be wondering how to introduce the kids to your new love interest. Will they welcome this person into their lives? Or will they be resentful? Use these tips to prepare yourself and your significant other for those initial introductions.

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