1. Parenting
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Resources for Single Dads

Help for Actively-Involved and Custodial Single Dads


More single dads are raising their children now than ever before.  Whether you're one of the 208,000 custodial single dads raising kids in the U.S. today, or co-parenting with your ex, these resources will help you navigate custody and child support issues, develop a healthy working relationship with your ex, and continue to build connected, meaningful relationships with your children.

1. Legal Help for Single Dads

Every dad should have the opportunity to be actively involved in his children's lives.  These legal resources for single dads will help you navigate legal issues pertaining to custody, child support, and more:

2. Co-Parenting Resources for Single Dads

The following resources can help you establish a consistent schedule with your ex:

3. Discipline Help for Single Dads

Whether you see your children one a week, or every day, you're going to need to have a few tricks up your sleeve for dealing with discipline and behavior:

4. Help for Fun-Loving Single Dads

As an involved parent, you also want to have fun with your kids and show them some of the activities you enjoyed most as a child. These resources can help:

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