1. Parenting

Resources for Single Dads

Are you a single dad in need of support and encouragement? Take advantage of these resources developed especially for you.

Recognize Your Significance as a Father
Single dads have value to their children that far exceeds child support dollars and cents. Take a look at how truly important you really are in your kids' lives.

Resources for Single Dads
More single dads are raising their children now than ever before. Whether you're one of the 208,000 custodial single dads raising kids in the U.S. today, or co-parenting with your ex, these resources will help you navigate custody and child support issues, develop a healthy working relationship with your ex, and continue to build connected, meaningful relationships with your children.

Books for Divorced Dads
Five books that every man in the midst of a divorce or separation should read. These titles cover topics such as what to expect from the legal process, how to stay connected with your kids if you no longer live together, and how to move on with your life once your marriage has ended.

Should I Allow Sleepoves?
Sleepover parties are tons of fun for kids, but what about single dads? Should a single father host a kids' sleepover, or would that make him vulnerable to potential false accusations? Get tips for handling this sensitive issue.

Challenges Custodial Single Dads Face
What challenges do you face as a custodial single dad? Whether your ex takes the kids for regular visits, or you're completely on your own, let us know how you handle the challenges inherent to being a custodial single dad.

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