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Child Custody Bonds


In court, a parent may request a child custody bond when there's a danger of a parent violating the child custody or divorce arrangement. If there's a risk of child abduction, a parent may request a bond. A child custody bond offers a financial incentive for a parent not to violate the terms of the custody agreement or divorce decree. Here's more information about child custody bonds.

Child Custody Bond - Relocation

A non-relocating parent can request a bond for a relocating parent to ensure that the parent follows the custody or divorce decree and doesn't flee with the child.

Child Custody Bond - International Trips

Bonds are useful when a parent decides to visit a foreign location. For example, a parent might use a child custody bond to ensure that the other parent will return the child to his or her home country after an overseas visit.

Child Custody Bond - Short Vacations

A parent may request a bond if there is a risk that one parent will not return from vacation with a child. If a child custody or divorce decree is violated, a court will consider the bond to be forfeited and will pay out the portion to the injured parent.

Judge's Role in Handling Child Custody Bonds

The judge will set the child custody bond amount, based on the degree of possibility that the parent will flee with the child.

How to Obtain a Child Custody Bond

Parents who are considering applying for a child custody bond should work with insurance companies in their state that would write such coverage. An insurance company would consider the following factors:
  • Whether travel was intended to be international or domestic
  • Child custody and divorce arrangements between parties
  • Financial circumstances of the parent--An insurance company would want to ensure that both parents are not planning to devise an insurance scheme, in hopes of gaining insurance proceeds

Child custody bonds are a way for a court and a parent to ensure that child abduction does not occur. Hopefully, parents can form an effective parenting plan and stick to it, without the need for a child custody bond. However, parents who have true concerns about the safety of their children should consider requesting a child custody bond.

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