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Dinners Under $10

Feed a Family of Four for Under $10


One way to save money is to spend less per meal on your family's dinners. Here are five quick and easy dinners under $10 from the Guides on About.com's Food & Drink Channel. The cost breakdown for each meal is based on prices advertised on ShopRite's Web site. (Please note that I did not include the cost for items you probably have already in your pantry or refrigerator, such as common spices or milk).

Tuna Tortellini

This dinner under $10 is an updated variation on the traditional tuna noodle casserole.

Cost Breakdown:

  • tortellini $3.99
  • frozen peas $.99
  • 12 oz. tuna (in olive oil) $3.18

Total Cost: $8.16

Ramen Corn Chowder

This delicious soup is super-quick and easy to make. Serve it alonside a small salad and fresh biscuits and still stay within your $10 budget!

Cost Breakdown:
  • Ramen noodles $0.20
  • can of creamed corn $1.00
  • frozen corn $0.99
  • Colby cheese $2.99
  • biscuits: $1.67
  • bag of salad greens: $2.99
Total cost: $9.84

Beef and Bean Burritos

These burritos are easy to make and taste delicious! Plus, you might even be able to squeeze an extra lunch out this meal, which feeds 4-6 people.

Cost Breakdown:
  • 1 pound lean ground beef $2.69
  • onion $0.75
  • garlic $0.50
  • refried beans $1.09
  • enchilada sauce $1.49
  • flour tortillas $1.49
  • lettuce $1.69
Total Cost: $9.70

Clam Linguine

Here's another quick and delicious dinner under $10. You can even throw in a loaf of fresh bread and stay within your budget.

Cost Breakdown:

  • onion $0.75
  • garlic $0.50
  • clams (canned) $4.17
  • chicken broth $0.50
  • linguine $0.60
  • fresh parsley $0.49
  • Parmesan cheese $1.69

Total Cost: $8.70

Oven-Fried Chicken Thighs

Serve this dinner under $10 with mashed potatoes and fresh carrots, and you'll still stay well within your budget.

Cost Breakdown:

  • mashed potato flakes $2.59
  • 2 lbs. chicken thighs $3.98
  • fresh carrots $1.50

Total Cost: $8.07

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