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7 Ways to Recycle Costumes as Dress Up Clothes

Opt for Halloween Costumes You Know Your Kids Will Wear Again


Kids' Halloween costumes are just too expensive to wear only once. Instead of wasting your hard-earned money, recycle costume clothing as dress up gear. This way, you know your kids will wear them more than once. (In fact, you may have trouble getting them out of these fun, creative costumes!)

An Athletic Halloween Costume

A football uniform makes an inexpensive recycled costume.
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Is there a sport your child already plays, or would like to play in the future, that requires equipment you can recycle as a costume? For example, if your child is going to need new shoulder pads for football next year, go ahead and get them (on sale at this time of year), and incorporate them into this year's Halloween costume.

Alternatively, buy a baseball, football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, or soccer costume that includes a top your child can wear as a regular shirt.

A Fireman Raincoat Costume

Use a child's fireman raincoat as a recycled costume.
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Consider buying your son or daughter a fireman raincoat that you can recycle as a costume. This way, you know they'll wear it more than once.  In fact, they'll look forward to rainy days just so they can wear this special item again and again.

A Star Wars Halloween Costume

Recycle a costume for Halloween out of your kid's Star Wars gear.
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Star Wars costumes are definitely an option to consider if you're looking for a Halloween costumes your son will wear again. My son still plays with the light sabers he received as a birthday gift when he was 6!  He and his friends have long enjoyed dressing up in their old costumes and acting out various Star Wars scenes together.

A Princess Halloween Costume

You can recyle a costume from your daughter's princess dress up clothes.
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If you buy your daughter a princess Halloween costume, you can be sure she'll wear it more than once. Not only will she use it for pretend play and dress-up around the house, but at some point she's sure to be invited to another little girl's princess-themed birthday party, and may be asked to dress up for the event. When that happens, you'll be prepared.

A Pirate Halloween Costume

Recycle a costume from your kids' pirate dress up gear.
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Likewise, a pirate Halloween costume in your son's closet won't go to waste.  He can dress up in it at home just for fun, and may even consider a pirate theme for his next birthday.  This is another effective way to recycle a costume and get more use out of your investment.

Remember, too, that you don't have to buy an entire costume.  You could just buy pirate accessories and let your son wear a pair of black pants and a shirt he already owns.

A Ballerina Halloween Costume

Use your daughter's ballet leotard as a recyled costume this Halloween.
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Buy your daughter a ballerina Halloween costume, and you just might find that she's able to wear it again at an upcoming ballet recital.  In addition, she can recycle the costume as playwear whenever she wants to dance around the house or wear it when putting on her own recital for your friends and relatives at home.

A Superhero Halloween Costume

Recycle a costume from your kids' favorite superhero dress up clothes.
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Dressing up as a superhero is another popular Halloween costume idea. In addition, you can recycle this costume as dress up clothes your kids will enjoy playing with throughout the year.

Whatever theme you choose this Halloween, remember to recycle the costume to another family when you're done with it.  You might even want to start your own Halloween Costume Exchange among your friends, neighborhood, or school community.

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