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Raising your children on your own is an intensely personal and rewarding challenge. Like all parents, you will experience many ups and downs along the way as you develop and learn to trust your own parenting skills. Here, you will find parenting help on everything from communicating with your kids, to setting boundaries and limits, effective discipline practices, and having fun as a family.
  1. Communication
  2. Routines
  3. Setting Limits
  4. Child Care
  5. Family Activities


Communication is key. The most important thing your kids need to know is that they are loved. In addition, realize that how you communicate with your kids - whether they're toddlers or teens - will deeply influence their level of cooperation, as well as the overall quality of your parent-child relationship.


One way to make your job easier is to establish regular routines with your children. This way, everyone knows what to expect at various times of the day, and each family member can contribute to the household in a meaningful way.

Setting Limits

Enforcing rules and setting limits is a necessary part of raising your children. In fact, you actually make it easier for your kids to listen to you and do what you ask of them when you make your expectations very clear from the beginning.

Child Care

As a single parent, it's inevitable that you're going to need to rely on outside sources of child care to assist you at times. Find out how to interview potential babysitters, prepare for emergencies, and know when to your children are ready to be left home alone.

Family Activities

Another important aspect of parenting is establishing and maintaining a strong connection with your kids, and one way to do that is to plan meaningful outings together that allow each of you to share your true selves and continue to bond as a family unit.

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