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Volunteer Work You Can Do With Your Kids

Connect With Your Kids While Helping the Greater Community


Do you wish you could replace the "gimmes" in your kids with appreciation for all of the things they do have? Or are you feeling overwhelmed with guilt over the things you can't afford to buy? Consider how engaging in volunteer work together could build your kids' character, adjust self-centered attitudes, and give them a more realistic view of the community around them. Especially when your kids' needs are indeed being met, but their wants can't always be fulfilled, doing volunteer work together can help them see beyond the everyday challenges you face and focus, instead, on helping someone else.

Volunteer at a Food Pantry

Whether you are stocking shelves or delivering meals, doing volunteer work together at a food pantry will help you and your kids realize that you are surrounded by people enduring worse circumstances than your own, and that you can take part in making their lives richer in a very tangible way. Many food pantries need help during flexible hours and don't require a huge, ongoing commitment.

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Volunteer at a Nursing Home

This is another great way to volunteer with your kids. It helps them to develop intergenerational relationships, especially if you don't have the support of local grandparents and extended family members. In addition, volunteer work opportunities at nursing homes are plentiful, and will give you a chance to see another side of your kids.

Volunteer for a Seasonal Organization

Deliver toys for Toys for Tots, or wrap gifts for local non-profit organization that collects holiday gifts for families. This is a great way to help your kids think of others before themselves and emphasize what holiday giving is really all about.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

This is another volunteer work opportunity that really puts it all in perspective for your kids. No matter how difficult things are for you, or how few material treasures you feel you can buy your kids, you can always find someone else who is in greater need. Realizing that, and jumping in to help, is a great life lesson for your kids.

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