1. Parenting

Know Your Parental Rights

What exactly are your rights as your child's parent? Find out with these parental rights resources for custodial and non-custodial parents.

Has your ex threatened to keep the kids or failed to return them after a...
Learn how to prevent parental kidnapping and respond to your ex's threats to keep your kids beyond your agreed-upon visitation.

What Are Fathers' Rights?
Are a fathers inherent parental rights any different from a mothers? Find out what fathers rights really are, and how those rights can be exercised.

Father's Rights Organizations
There are many organizations around the country that focus on supporting and maintaining fathers’ rights, both in family courts and through legislative action. Use this list to locate fathers’ rights organizations near you.

Parental Alienation Syndrome
What exactly is Parental Alienation Syndrome, and what should you do it you suspect your ex is turning your child against you? The examples of specific PAS behaviors included in this article will help clarify these questions and equip you for coping with PAS.

Termination of Parental Rights and Child Support Obligations
Termination of parental rights is never taken lightly. Refer to this article to learn the circumstances in which a court will consider termination of parental rights.

Should Unwed Mothers File for Custody?
Unwed mothers may wonder whether they need to file for custody. Get the facts about presumed custody and learn what steps you should take to protect yourself and your children.

How to Deal With Concerns About Visitation Safety
Courts do take visitation safety concerns seriously, when they're presented in the right way. Learn how to express your concerns in court and guard yourself against false accusations.

How to Respond to Your Ex's Demand for Shared Custody
Feel like your ex is trying to manipulate you into accepting a custody agreement you don't agree with? Learn how to stand up for yourself and your kids with these tips.

Understand the "Best Interests of the Child" Standard
Find out what it really means when the courts say they rule based on the child's "best interests." And even more importantly, learn how you can show that you put your child's interests ahead of your own.

Straight Talk on Father's Rights
Fathers, do you know what your rights are and how to protect them? Learn why it often looks like courts defer to women, how to protect your parental rights, and what to do when you feel like your rights are being violated.

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