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Mother's Day Ideas for Single Parent Families

Not sure how to handle Mother's Day as a single parent family? Here are some ideas and suggestions to make the day special for all of you.

Single Dads - How Single Dads Handle Mother's Day
Some single dads wrestle with how to handle Mother's Day. Do you buy a gift on behalf of your children? Leave it up to them to create their own cards? Share your thoughts with our readers in this "Readers Respond" feature.

Mother's Day Celebrations for Single Moms
As a single mom, celebrating Mother's Day may mean that you have to initiate the celebration. Find out how to get started and help your kids develop a tradition of celebration on this special occasion.

Gifts Every Single Mom Wants on Mother's Day
Not sure what to get your mom for Mother's Day? Here is a list of suggestions for making her day special.

Coping With Mother's Day When Your Child's Mom is Absent
If you are a custodial father doing it all on your own, it may be hard to know exactly how you should address Mother's Day. This is especially true if your children's mother is absent. Here are some tips for knowing what's right your children and finding the best way for them to honor Mother's Day.

Single Mom - How Do You Kids Say Thank You
As a single mom, you make a lot of sacrifices for your kids, and sometimes they every come back and say "Thank you" for the effort. If this has happened to you, take a moment to share your story with our readers by participating in this "Readers Respond" feature.

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