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Child Support, Custody, and Visitation for Military Single Parents

Helpful Resources for Military Single Parents


In 2009, there were more than 10,000 single parents deployed on active military duty. These service members are subject to military law, which differs from state laws. In cases of child support, custody and visitation rights for single parents in the military, a state court works with a military court to determine the service members rights and obligations. The following resources can help military single parents navigate the legal system.

Child Support and Military Single Parents

Child support for military single parents is based on a different formula than for other single parents. For example, military pay includes certain allowances that are added to the child support formula and are considered income. Additionally, the penalties for child support non-payment are different for military single parents than the penalties for civilian single parents.

Child Custody and Military Single Parents

Single parents in the military who are facing deployment are in the unique position to determine who will assume custody of their children during their absence: a substitute custodial parent might be a co-parent, grandparent, friend, or neighbor. A military single parent or a civilian parent who has a child with a military servicemember may be interested in how child custody cases are handled for military personnel.

Visitation and Military Single Parents

Military single parents, preparing for deployment, should understand how their visitation rights will be affected by their deployment. There are a number of options for military single parents to help them remain in constant contact with their children during their deployment.

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