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Child Support and Military Servicemembers

How to Determine How Much Child Support a Military Servicemember Owes


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Child support rules and procedures that govern most parents are different from those that govern military servicemembers. Here's a brief overview of what you need to know to file for child support against a military servicemember.

Determining a Servicemember's Pay:

The first step in the process is to determine how much money a military servicemember makes. Military pay is determined by reviewing the:

Child Support Calculation for Military Servicemembers:

Once you determine a servicemember's pay:

  1. Add all income to determine an annual income
  2. Determine gross monthly income by dividing by 12
  3. Take that amount and apply the Attorney General Tax Chart
  4. Multiply by the allowable percentage for each child

Military Allowances that are Added to Pay:

Allowances include:

  • Housing Allowance
  • Clothing Allowance

Additions to the Military Child Support Formula:

In addition to the amount determined by the child support formula, a servicemember may also be responsible for:

  • Health Insurance--servicemembers are required to provide health insurance for dependent children
  • Child Care Expenses--expenses may increase while a servicemember is deployed and unable to assist the custodial parent with caring for the child

For more information about additions to the child support formula, read Factor "Extras" into Your Child Support Payments.

Servicemembers are required to provide care for their children. Servicemembers who fail to provide child support for their children may experience disciplinary action or even separation from military service. For more information, look to the state law as well as the branch of the military regulations, to determine how to calculate child support for a military servicemember.

For more information about filing child support for a case involving a military service member, read Frequently Asked Questions About Military Child Support Collection by About.com's Guide to the US Military.

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