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How to Find Family Law Attorneys Online

Tools That Can Help Narrow Down Your Family Law Attorney Search


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When you're "shopping" for family law attorneys, you'll want to consider several key sources of information.

Referrals: Speak with your friends, relatives, and colleagues about who they might recommend in your area. In addition, if you're already receiving assistance through social service organizations, be sure to ask them for recommendations.

Ads: Pay attention to the legal advertisements posted in your local newspaper and phone book. This will help you narrow down your choices and make a list of potential family law attorneys you'd like to contact.

Online Research: Don't underestimate the power of searching for qualified family law attorneys online. Whether you use the Internet to begin your search, or to narrow down your list of potential candidates, you'll find a wealth of information about lawyers right here online.
  1. Use an Online Lawyer Locater Service

    The following Web sites will allow you to search for lawyers by their specialty and your specific location. In addition, you'll be directed to their individual Web sites, where you can then learn more about each lawyer and what their practice has to offer you.
  2. Use a Lawyer-Client Match Service

    These services will allow you to contact multiple lawyers regarding your case. Keep in mind, though, that it's not a good idea to share confidential information over the Internet.
  3. Use Online Resources Provided By the American Bar Association

    Before you hire a lawyer, the ABA recommends that you check with your local state bar association to determine whether any disciplinary action has been taken against the person you'd like to hire. In addition, the ABA can put you in touch with qualified pro-bono lawyers, help you understand the laws in your state, and assist you in reporting any problems you experience while working with a lawyer.

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