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How Can I Make a Relative Temporary Guardian of My Kids?


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Question: How Can I Make a Relative Temporary Guardian of My Kids?
Chenille asks: I'm a single mom raising two kids without the benefit of a coparent. Next month, I'm scheduled to be out of town for several days for work, and my mom has agreed to watch my kids for me. Do I need to do anything to officially make her my kids' temporary guardian?

Technically, no. Your mom can take care of your children in your place without your having to officially make her a temporary guardian. However, there are some advantages to establishing temporary guardianship:

  • Making your mom your children's temporary guardian will prevent any potential conflicts over who is to take care of your children while you are gone.

  • Formally making her the temporary guardian will enable her to approve medical treatment, should they become ill or injured in your absence.

  • You can also set limits on how long she will be their temporary guardian.

How to Make Your Mom Temporary Guardian

  1. Print a temporary guardian form from our site.

  2. Fill it out.

  3. Have it notarized.

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