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Joint Custody Resources

Joint custody is an option that requires co-parents to communicate effectively and collaborate regarding day-to-day parenting matters. These joint custody resources can help make the challenges of joint custody easier on all of you.

Disadvantages of Joint Child Custody
A child custody battle often results in both parties obtaining joint child custody. However, there are some disadvantages to joint child custody. Any parent considering shared custody should become aware of ht challenges and prepare to work toward maintaining a harmonious joint child custody relationship.

Joint Custody Arrangements
Although joint custody is the court's preferred type of custody, it's difficult for parents to understand how best to handle a joint custody arrangement between themselves and the children. Parents who want tips on handling joint custody should read this article.

Joint Custody - Benefits of Joint Custody for Kids
Joint custody can be ideal for families where both parents have been highly involved in their children's lives up until the time of the divorce or separation. Find out what some of the benefits of joint custody are from parents who've been there.

The Shared Parenting Initiative
More and more, shared parenting is being recognized by the courts as a custody option that should be given considerable weight. Learn some of the legal background to recent shared parenting initiatives, and find out the pros and cons of this custody option.

How to Handle Joint Legal Custody Disagreements
Joint legal custody presents a special challenges when parents disagree on how to handle disagreements about how to raise their children. Refer to this article to learn more about joint legal custody.

Joint Physical Custody
Refer to this joint physical custody article to learn more about problems associated with joint physical custody.

Joint Custody - Overcome Joint Custody Challenges
Joint custody arrangements can be quite challenging to negotiate and manage. Share the biggest joint custody challenges you've faced, and find out how other families are working to make joint custody work.

Joint Legal Custody - Challenges and Joint Legal Custody
Parents who share joint legal custody equally share the legal authority to make major decisions on behalf of their children, including decisions about decisions regarding education, religion, and health care. However, managing those decisions can be quite challenging. share the challenges you face in trying to make joint legal custody work, as well as how you have resolved them.

Explanation of Joint Legal Custody
Joint legal custody is a child custody option that is typically exercised in families with two actively involved parents. Find out more about the pros and cons of joint legal custody.

Explanation of Joint Physical Custody
Joint physical custody is a child custody option where both parents share physical custody of the children. Find out more about the pros and cons of joint physical custody.

Joint Custody Child Support
Joint custody child support is determined in several different ways. Refer to this article to determine what considerations the court makes regarding child support for joint custody arrangements.

Win Joint Custody
Many parents strive to win joint custody of their children. Learn more about the different types of joint custody and what is needed for a parent to win joint custody.

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