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Physical Intimacy and Single Parent Dating

Now that you're dating again, you'll need to decide how to handle the issue of physical intimacy. Do you plan to have sex? Use protection? Limit affection and overnights when your kids are around? These are all decisions that need to be made up front, rather than in the moment.

Intimacy Rules for Single Parents
Whether you realize it or not, your intimate relationships do affect your children. Through your own example, you create expectations for them of what dating, intimacy, and commitment should look like. Find out how to create and maintain your own set of intimacy rules.

Quiz: "Should We Take This Relationship to the Next Level?"
Somewhere between the excitement of those first few dates, and when you first start to seriously consider building a future together, it's natural to worry about the impact your dating relationship is bound to have on your kids. Use this interactive dating quiz to help you decide.

What Are Your Personal Dating Rules?
Dating rules can help you identify which individuals most closely meet your own personal criteria, and which ones don't. Take a look at the dating rules created by other dating single moms and dads, or share your own.

Plan Ahead For Intimacy
Intimacy is bound to be an issue that comes up eventually. Plan ahead for how you're going to handle sex and physical intimacy in your dating relationships with these tips.

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