1. Parenting

Get a Grip on Your Family's Intense Emotions

When it comes to emotions, your kids will take their cues from you. Learn how to handle your own intense emotions, and how to help your children cope effectively with what they are feeling.
  1. Books About Divorce (5)

Effects of Divorce in Infants and Toddlers
The stress of divorce doesn't just impact you. It also impacts your baby. Learn to identify effects of divorce in very young children, as well as what you can do to provide comfort and stability.

Alternatives to Taking Anger and Frustration Out on Your Children
Children have the ability to bring out intense emotions—both good and bad. These ten strategies for coping with your own anger and frustration will help ensure that you don't inadvertently take those emotions out on your kids.

Five Ways to Help Your Angry Child
Anger is a normal, healthy emotion that you can expect your kids to show when they are upset, hurt, or disappointed. Learn out how to help your kids cope with their anger so that it does not become consuming and unproductive.

Kids' Anger Management Strategies
Are you concerned about how angry your kids have become over recent changes affecting your family? Learn strategies for helping your children deal with intense emotions in the wake of significant family changes.

How Can I Control My Emotions?
Do you worry about getting angry with your kids or raising your voice to them? Find out how to exercise self-control when disciplining your kids, even when you have good reason to be upset or angry.

Help Your Kids Cope With Last-Minute Cancellations
Custody visitation plans are often canceled, and this leads to disappointment for kids who were anxiously awaiting that visit with mom or dad. Find out how to help your kids handle their disappointment and move forward.

How Do You Calm Down When You’re Angry or Frustrated?
When you need to calm down, what works best for you? Do you count to ten? Leave the room? Here, our readers share their best strategies for giving themselves a quick "time out" instead of taking anger and frustration out on their kids.

5 Things Kids Going Through Family Change Need From You

Whether they're dealing with divorce, loss, or an upcoming move, kids going through transition need a lot of love and support.  Even when they don't show it, family change leaves them feeling powerless and vulnerable.  Keep these five things in mind when helping your kids cope with the changes they're going through.

Separation Anxiety for Moms & Dads
Separation anxiety doesn't just happen to kids -- adults can feel it, too. Learn how to say "Good-bye" to your kids without letting fear and anxiety take over, whether you're dropping them off at your ex's house or day care.

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