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Create Your Own Family Ornament Tradition

New Holiday Traditions That Bring Your Family Together


Instead of repeating the same family traditions you've relied on for years, consider trying something new this year. Particularly if you're a newly single parent, it can be helpful to use the holiday season as a time to talk with your children about the changes you've all gone through in the last year, while also creating something tangible, like a family ornament. Here are some ideas to help you start a whole new tradition with your kids:
  1. Make Stained Glass Ornaments - Buy a simple stained glass kit from your local craft store. As you make the ornaments with your children, talk about how real stained glass windows are made from broken pieces that are melted together to create something beautiful.

  2. Make Mosaic Ornaments - You can purchase a fancy kit at a craft store, or make your own simple mosaic ornaments out of cut up pieces of construction paper. Again, the idea is to show that something beautiful can come from those broken pieces.

  3. Make Personalized Ornaments - Paint your own ornaments and use black, silver, or gold permanent markers to write your names on them. This is a fun way of reinforcing your family's identify.

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