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Create an Online Wish List

What to Consider Before You Set Up an Electronic Wish List


Setting up an electronic wish list during the holidays can be extremely helpful. It can reduce duplicate gifts and ensure that your child receives age-appropriate toys he or she will really play with.

However, if you're going to utilize wish lists, it's also important to teach your child how they work, so that he or she understands that they're optional. Rather than being a "must-buy" list or a "guaranteed to receive" list, wish lists merely provide suggestions for those friends and relatives that ask what your child might like to receive.

Pros of Using a Wish List:
  • Decrease the chances that your child will receive items she already owns

  • Reduce toy clutter, since your child will theoretically receive items he really wants

  • It's also an opportunity to introduce some items you'd like to see your child start playing with
Cons of Using a Wish List:
  • It could be misinterpreted if you send it friends and relatives unsolicited

  • Your child could get the impression that she's entitled to all of the items on the list

  • Store-generated wish lists can be limiting if items quickly sell out
Tips for Using Wish Lists:
  • Discuss the wish list with your child

  • Explain that it's a list of suggestions

  • Make the list together and include your child's input

  • Include a wide range of items which reflect your child's interests

  • Don't forget to include low-cost items

  • Only share the list with people who ask you what your kids might like to receive

  • Consider using an Internet-based wish list that allows you to include items from many different retailers

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