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Holiday Shopping Guides for Busy Parents

Resources for making your holiday season a little easier.
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Gift Etiquette for Families
Learn how to deal with family members who expect you to overspend on gifts, how to ask for cash or gift cards, how to refuse a gift without offending the gift giver, and more.

Cut Holiday Spending With These Alternative Gift Ideas
As a single parent supporting your kids on one income, you have to be extra cautious about holiday spending. These alternative gift ideas will help you cut holiday spending and avoid buyer’s remorse when January comes.

Parent-Child Gifts for Single Parent Families
Instead of buying separate gifts for the single parents on your holiday shopping list--and each of their children--consider buying each family one combination parent-child gift they will enjoy together. These combination gift ideas will help you save money while still giving your friends and family members thoughtful gifts.

DIY Cheap Gifts for Everyone on Your List
Cheap gifts don't have to look cheap. These DIY gifts, created by Sherri Osborn, our Guide to Family Crafts, are elegant and thoughtful, and won't make you look cheap!

Get Free Shipping Through These Retailers
Get free holiday shipping in 2011 with these online stores and retailers, even after the Black Friday and Free Shipping Day deals are long over. Find out which stores are offering flat-rate shipping during the 2011 holiday season, as well.

Create an Online Wish List
Thinking of setting up an electronic wish list online to give your friends and relatives some shopping suggestions? Make sure you read these pros and cons first! Includes an annotated list of Web sites that offer free wish lists so you can choose the one that's right for your family.

Free Holiday Shopping Guide
One tricky thing about beginning your holiday shopping early is remembering where you stashed all the goods! Use this free, printable Holiday Planning Worksheet to plan for all the items you intend to buy or make this year. There's even space for planning whether you need to wrap or mail each item.

5 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Spending in Check
Don't buy another holiday gift on credit! Take the time to develop a holiday spending budget and learn how to really spend less money during the holidays this year.

Top 10 Kids' Video Games From the MediaWise® Video Game Report Card
Find the best video games for kids. This list is based on the Tenth Annual MediaWise® Video Game Report Card. Use this list to select safe video games for your kids to play.

Gifts For Single Parents
Not sure what you buy for a single parent on your shopping list? Check out this list of great ideas, with products to help single moms and dads pamper themselves, save time, and enjoy life.

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