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Survive and Thrive Though the Winter Holidays

Tips and Resources for Single Moms, Single Dads, and Co-parents


The winter holidays can be rough on single parents. In fact, you might be feeling more isolated and overwhelmed during this time, which can make it even harder to cope with the everyday issues of single parenting. The following tips and resources will help you cope with the holiday blues, make time for fun, deal with holiday co-parenting issues, plan gifts, save money, and more.

Cope With the Holiday Blues

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Anticipating that you might experience some holiday blues won't bring them on, but it will help you cope with them if they do.

Winter Holiday Fun

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Holiday Co-parenting Tips

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It can be difficult to negotiate a schedule during the winter holidays that works for everyone. At the same time, though, learning how to communicate with one another effectively now can set up you for a more collaborative co-parenting relationship in the year ahead.

Shop for Winter Holiday Gifts

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Even for those single parents who enjoy shopping, it can be hard to find the time to accomplish all that you need to get done in the limited free time that you have. Use these tools to help you plan for and get through your holiday shopping:

Money-Saving Strategies for the Winter Holidays

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Finally, the winter holidays can really wreck your budget if you don't plan ahead and shop carefully. Use these tips and tools to help you stay in track this year:

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