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7 Affordable Family Gifts

Choose Holiday Gifts That Foster Parent-Child Relationships


Instead of buying separate gifts for everyone on your list, consider buying family gifts that encourage togetherness, play, and exploration. Not only will this strategy save you money, but it's also a great way to encourage communication and foster close bonds between parents and their child.

Alex Toys "My Super Knot-a-Quilt" Kit

The recipients of this quilt kit will enjoy hours of time together while knotting the prepared quilt squares together. Not only does this family gift promote hours of togetherness, but the resulting product is a beautiful keepsake. (And if you're buying this gift for your own child, consider buying one for each of you. This way, you can each enjoy a lasting keepsake of your time together!)
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Cranium's Whoonu Game

Whoonu is a fun game that really taps into each player's knowledge of one another's favorite things. Those who know each other the best earn the highest scores, and all players continuously learn something new about one another. Whoonu is a great family game for 3-6 players.
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Illustory is a book making kit for children and families. Your gift recipients would create their own story, along with a cover page, and mail it in to the publisher. They, then, mail back a completely bound and published book. Done collaboratively with an adult, Illustory makes a great holiday gift for children of all ages.
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Creations By You Calendar Kit

Made by the same company as Illustory, this calendar kit allows the recipients to create their own calendar pages for an entire year. Families creating the calendar together can mark special events, birthdays, holidays, and unique family traditions right on the calendar.
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Conversations to Go

This unique game will inspire deeper conversations between each parent and child. With over 100 conversation starters and open-ended questions, the recipients of this gift will be sure to develop stronger bonds while having fun at the same time.
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Dinner Games

This game will help single parent families reconnect and have tons of fun around the dinner table. With 51 games to choose from, there's something for everyone, including: memory games, riddles, conversation starters, and more. This set is designed for children ages 5-12.
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Beginner Dinner Games

Similar to Dinner Games, this game includes laminated game cards, and comes in a handy tin box. The difference here is that the games and activities are designed for younger children, ages 3 and up. This gift is perfect for the on-the-go single parent who needs to entertain kids of multiple ages while running errands, waiting in lines, or eating out. Within each family, older children can engage younger children in these quick and easy Beginner Dinner Games.
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