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Best Girlfriend Gifts

Choose Something Special for the Woman in Your Life


Choosing just the right girlfriend gift (or boyfriend gift) for your significant other can be challenging, especially when you want to show you care without creating pressure to define the relationship. The following list of girlfriend gifts can help you brainstorm ideas and come up with something thoughtful that suits your girlfriend and honors your relationship.

Girlfriend Gift #1: The Gift of Music

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Give your girlfriend one of the following digital music players, filled with her favorite songs. Or, if she already has one, buy her an iTunes gift card, along with customized list of song recommendations. Consider choosing from:

Girlfriend Gift #2: Tickets to an Event

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Buy your girlfriend tickets to an event, such as a concert or a sporting event you know she'll enjoy. Better yet, choose something you'll both enjoy, so you can attend the event together. When presenting the tickets, wrap them with a piece of memorabilia related to the event, such as:

Girlfriend Gift #3: Travel Accommodations

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Make arrangements for your girlfriend to get away with some of her closest friends for a girls' weekend. Print out an itinerary and wrap it with something tangible, such as:

Girlfriend Gift #4: Encouragement

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Does your girlfriend have a special talent that she would enjoy developing? Consider buying a gift that would encourage your girlfriend to tap into her gifts, such as:

Girlfriend Gift #5: Something You Can Play Together

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Give your girlfriend a gift that represents something fun you can do together. Consider:

Girlfriend Gift #6: The Gift of Health

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Give your girlfriend a gift aimed at fostering good health. Consider:

Girlfriend Gift #7: Plan a Day Trip

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Make plans to spend a day together in the near future. Write out an itinerary, and wrap it with one of the following gifts:

Girlfriend Gift #8: Pamper Her

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This is a great way to make the woman in your life feel special. Consider giving her a gift that lets her know that you really care about whether sure she has time in her life to relax now and then. Consider buying her:

Girlfriend Gift #9: Gift Cards

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A gift card to her favorite store is another versatile option. Consider wrapping it along with something more personal from:

Girlfriend Gift #10: Make it Yourself

Homemade gifts are always appreciated. Consider making your girlfriend one of these easy projects:

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