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The 12 Days of Christmas Sanity: A Dozen Gifts to Give Yourself This Year


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The 12 Days of Christmas Sanity: Day 10

On the tenth day of Christmas,
I gave a gift to me:
Ten positive thoughts
Nine chores completed
Eight friends assisting
Seven hours sleeping
Six forum comrades
Five "Thanks, but no thanks,"
Four helpful kids
Three best friends,
Two great big hugs,
And an evening out just for me.

Have you ever thought about what's behind attitude? It's your thoughts!

When you constantly let negative thoughts roll through your mind, focusing on everything that's gone wrong, pointing out everything that you don't have, and tabulating all that's not fair, you work yourself into a pretty negative attitude.

Now, I'm not suggesting that the negatives aren't there, or aren't true, or don't count. We know they are there, and they really do matter. What I'm suggesting is that deciding to think positive thoughts, instead, is much kinder to yourself than harping on the negative.

If you're not so sure, try it and see what happens. Consider keeping a gratitude journal over the next several weeks, to find out whether focusing on the positive things in your life--no matter how small or "insignificant" they may seem--really does make a difference.

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