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Creative Ways to Make Small Holiday Dinner Celebrations Fun

Making the Holiday Meal Special When It's Just You and the Kids


Where did we get the impression that celebrating the holidays must include huge family gatherings? If you come from a small family, or if you don't live near your extended family members, you may find that it's just you and the kids at times like Thanksgiving and Christmas. How do you make sure small holiday dinner celebrations aren't just like any other meal eaten on any other day?

Here are some ideas for making holiday dinners feel special even when it's just you and the kids:

  1. Serve appetizers.
    This can be as simple as cheese and crackers or raw veggies and dip. Here are a few options from About's Guide to Stay-at-Home Parents:
  2. Decorate the table.
    Have the kids make festive placemats or namecards to dress up the dinner table. Here are some fun and easy ideas from About's Guide to Family Crafts:
  3. Play games.
    Get out the board games and enjoy some old-fashioned fun between serving dinner and dessert. Here are some great suggestions from About's Guide to Board Games:
  4. Read a book.
    Make a tradition out of reading a special holiday book together each year. Here are some great books to choose from, provided by About's Guide to Children's Books:
  5. Sing songs.
    This is a great way to connect and build life-long memories with your children. Here are some recommendations from About's Guide to Children's Music:

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