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Help Your Kids Brainstorm Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Select Halloween Costumes They'll Be Proud to Wear


Halloween costumes can be pricey, to say the least. However, with a little creativity, you can help your kids come up with costume ideas that will suit their interests and your budget. Use the following steps to brainstorm Halloween costume ideas with your children, whether you're planning ahead or making a last-minute costume decision.

Brainstorm Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Think About What's Important to You
    We live used to live in the Midwest, where it was usually downright cold by the end of October. So picking out warm costumes was pretty high on my priority list. Additional priorities might be limiting the cost, choosing costume ideas that maximizes mobility, or avoiding super-gory themes. If you plan to put any constraints on your child's costume selection, make sure you talk about them up front.

  2. Talk With Your Child About Costume Ideas
    Selecting kids' Halloween costumes is a great opportunity for self-expression. Allow your child to select a costume that suits his or her personality. This is part of the fun and creativity of this holiday.

  3. Determine Your Level of Participation
    Making your child's costume by hand can save you money, but it's also important to consider whether you really have the time and energy right now to commit to making something from scratch. If you don't, make plans to buy a costume instead. If cost is an issue, check out a Halloween Costume Exchange, visit a local thrift store or consignment shop, or look for kids' Halloween costumes on eBay.

    And remember, your children already know how much you love them! You don't have to prove it with elaborate homemade costumes, so let go of any unrealistic expectations.

    Do-it-Yourself Halloween Costume Ideas:
  4. Narrow Down Your Costume Ideas
    Once you have a general theme in mind, spend some time brainstorming. Even if you're coming up with ideas at the last minute, you have many options to choose from. Use what you already know about your children and what's important to them as a guide.

    More Affordable Costume Ideas:
  5. Add Accessories to the Costume
    Once you have the main costume in hand, think about the accessories you'll need. Do you need to purchase any special make-up? Does your kids have bags or clean pillow cases for carrying the candy? What about flashlights? Also, do you need to buy an extra turtleneck or pair of long underwear to go underneath your kids' Halloween costumes? And what about shoes? To save a little money, visit a local consignment shop to look for accessories, or ask friends whether you can borrow one or two items to complete the costumes.

  6. Add Finishing Touches to the Costume
    A few days before Halloween, spend some time helping your children put on their entire costumes. Also, if your kids' DIY cheap costume requires make-up, take the time to practice putting it on and taking it off at least once. This will make the actual event easier on all of you! You can use the dry run to get a few pictures, too, which will also save you some time on Halloween night.

    Halloween Face Painting Tips:
Finally, remember that Halloween is supposed to be a fun opportunity for self-expression. Help your children brainstorm costume ideas that will reflect their unique personalities, and they'll be sure to end up sporting costumes they can feel proud of.

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