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Book Review of Staying Home Alone

Use This Resource to Teach Your Kids About Staying Home Alone

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Book Review of Staying Home Alone

The Bottom Line

This is a terrific resource for parents who are preparing their children to stay home alone for the first time, and its magazine-like format is going to be really appealing to many readers.

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  • Reading this book with your children is a great way to prepare them for staying home alone.
  • Being fully prepared to stay home alone will raise your child's confidence and level of safety.
  • The book includes fun quizzes and activities to test your child's knowledge.
  • The format is much like reading a magazine.
  • Also includes boredom busters, first-aid tips, sibling survival secrets, and more.


  • It's part of the American Girl series, which might mean boys are unlikely to read it.
  • You'll want to read the book together, so that nothing is taken out of context.
  • Reading this book doesn't ensure your child's safety if they're really too young to be home alone.


  • The magazine format and lively illustrations make this book easy to read.
  • It covers everything from guarding your house key to using your time effectively.
  • Parents who share this book with their children will be confident that their kids are well-prepared.
  • Also includes a special tear-out section for you to record your contact information and house rules.

Guide Review - Book Review of Staying Home Alone

I really like this fun book! It's a great way for parents to start talking with their children about what it means to be safe when you're home alone. And while there are some similar books out there, most of them are older and may not address some current issues, like using the Internet. That's why I recommend this book for all parents who are preparing their kids to stay home alone.

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