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Ten Weeks of Fun Winter Activities to Enjoy With Your Kids


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Week 1: Make a Special Treat Together
Looking for some fun winter activities to enjoy with your kids? Scroll through the activities here in this step-by-step feature, or sign up to receive a different activity in your E-mail each week.

Bake your favorite holiday treat together. Do this activity together from start to finish. Sit down and brainstorm what you love to make and eat at this time of year. Then find a recipe for it, visit the store together to pick up the ingredients, and make it together.

It doesn't even matter if it doesn't taste as delicious as you'd anticipated - the point of the exercise is spending time together doing something different and fun. It's in moments like these that you can begin to share with one another more and more what's been on your heart and mind.

Start With These Delicious Recipes From Guides on the About.com Food and Drink Channel:

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