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Ten Weeks of Fun Summer Activities for Parents and Kids


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Week 1: Plant a Garden With Your Kids
A young girl enjoys working in her family's garden.

Planting a garden with your kids is one of many fun summer activities you can enjoy.

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Summer is a busy time, and it can easily fly by before you've had a chance to enjoy some fun seasonal activities with your kids. Use this list of theme-based fun summer activities to create memories your kids will cherish for years to come. To scroll through each of the ideas, click "next" above the picture or click on one of the numbers at the bottom of your screen. Alternatively, you can opt to receive each week's activity as an email by taking the free e-course Ten Weeks of Fun Summer Activities.

This week's activity is to plant a vegetable, herb, or flower garden together. If you don't have the space for a traditional garden, consider planting cherry tomatoes and basil in pots, or participating in a local farm co-op. Participants receive fresh vegetables in exchange for volunteering for a few hours on the farm each month.

Resources for Gardening With Your Kids:
These how-to articles can help you decide which type of garden would best suit your needs.

Books to Read:
Share these books with your kids during the week to learn more about gardening.
Related Crafts:
Plan to do one of these craft activities, too, as you explore this week's theme.
Corresponding Meals and Snacks:
Finally, plan at least one meal or snack this week that also relates to the theme. This makes everything you're learning together even more fun!
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