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30 Fun Spring Activities To Do With Your Kids

Springtime Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Kids


  1. Take a walk in the sunshine.

  2. Blow bubbles outside.

  3. Plant a flower garden.

  4. Dance outside in the rain.

  5. Ride bikes.

  6. Draw with sidewalk chalk.

  7. Read a book together outside.

  8. Make a simple bird feeder.

  9. Play badminton or tennis.

  10. Decorate Easter eggs.

  11. Participate in a spring clean-up day in your local community.

  12. Make a collage of all the things you'd like to do together this season.

  13. Make personalized garden stones.

  14. Clean and spruce up your outdoor toys.

  15. Plant a butterfly garden.

  16. Go hiking in the mountains.

  17. Play hopscotch.

  18. Purchase a hanging plant to display outdoors.

  19. Tackle a spring cleaning project together.

  20. Visit a botanical garden.

  21. Take a bicycle safety course together.

  22. Plant a vegetable garden with some unusual veggies.

  23. Have a picnic.

  24. Eat strawberry shortcake.

  25. Run in the sprinkler on a hot day.

  26. Bring an easel outside and let your kids fingerpaint.

  27. Play tag.

  28. Make fresh salsa or gazpacho.

  29. Visit a nature preserve.

  30. Make a wind chime.
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